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Collaborator Faq

What is LAMMP?

LAMMP is a NIH-sponsored resource specially designed to introduce cutting-edge optical technologies into biomedical research. Many LAMMP core technologies are "one-of-a-kind" and can be configured for different applications. Our Microbeam and Microscopy Technologies core (MMT) provides for the optical manipulation and functional imaging of living cells. The LAMMP Medical Translational Technology core (MTT) provides a specialized service by shepherding technologies developed by LAMMP from the laboratory into clinical practice. For over 10 years we have been developing optical technologies with direct clinical applications in mind.

Through our extensive clinical collaborations on the University of California Irvine campus, we provide a unique multi-disciplinary environment that revolves around translational research.

What resources are available?

Our core technologies and support facilities can be viewed here.

What Type of Projects?

Any of the above active technologies may be used in a human or animal trial. Examples of some LAMMP collaborative projects include the following:

  • Monitoring the Progression of Breast Chemotherapy Using Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy
  • Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy in the Detection of Oral Cancers
  • OCT of Airway Injury
  • others

Consult the LAMMP collaborative projects section for a complete list of LAMMP MMT projects. We can also help in designing new instruments for your application if no suitable device exists.

What Services are Provided?

We provide an environment for establishing pilot human and animal trials that might lead to real clinical solutions. LAMMP is part of the Beckman Laser Institute, and as such has access to the Shared Resources of the Institute. Coupled with LAMMP, these services include:


  • Clinical Coordinator who provides basic nursing services, patient recruitment, and patient management for the trial
  • Assistance in obtaining IRB Protocol Approvals, and Clinical trial design
  • A fully-functional Animal Operating Room
  • Access to the Advanced Diagnostic Suite
  • Contact with research physicians who might be interested in providing patients, clinical services, and other expertise in your project


  • Access to a host of cutting-edge MTT optical technologies
  • Access to a wide array of advanced microscopy technologies
  • Training in the use of these technologies
  • Custom Instrument construction (based on LAMMP technologies)


  • Networking and computing
  • Basic machining tools

How to Get a Project Started?

If you have an idea for using any of the above technologies, you may begin the process of submitting an abstract by signing up for a user account or users already with an account can login to the system.

If you would like to know more about these technologies and how they might work for you, then contact Albert Cerussi ( or 949.824.8838). You can check the LAMMP publications list for examples of past and current projects.

Any academic/government researcher has access to the resources of LAMMP. Corporate research requests will want to look into the Photonics Incubator at the Beckman Laser Institute for collaborative research. The availability of LAMMP core staff and technologies for your project is subject to:

  • current outstanding commitments of the instrumentation
  • current outstanding commitments of the shared resources
  • scientific merit of the proposed research
  • potential for future clinical impact
  • potential for development or improvement of LAMMP technology
  • available funding

Requests for projects are given a prioritized score based upon the above criteria. We can help you shape and define the scientific content of your project. We can even build dedicated instruments for use at UCI or to ship to your site. Construction of new instruments however is subject to funding availability. Funding for constructing dedicated instruments is usually achieved by writing collaborative research grants with LAMMP personnel.

It is important to remember that any instruments constructed at LAMMP are all research devices, and are not approved by the FDA as official medical treatments or diagnoses.

Must I Be Funded to Use LAMMP?

Direct funding is not a requirement to use LAMMP resources, but it certainly helps. Non-funded projects may use LAMMP resources, but certain limitations exist. For example, without extra funding, we will not be able to construct an instrument for you to use at your site. Regardless of funding levels, you are free to use our instruments at the Beckman Laser Institute free of charge. Use of the shared resources of the Beckman Laser Institute must also be addressed. Projects also will move much faster if you can provide researcher whom we can train. For example, you may send a student to us for a time to learn how to use MTT devices. The training is free, but the cost of travel, room and board etc is not provided by LAMMP. Research proposals can be written with LAMMP personnel.

Papers and Acknowledgements

Researchers are encouraged to write both proposals and research papers with LAMMP personnel. All research papers must have an acknowledgement that LAMMP resources were used, such as:

"This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health under grant P41EB015890 (Laser Microbeam and Medical Program: LAMMP)."

Research using LAMMP personnel should be recognized with authorship on publications.

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