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Advanced Technology Suite

The Advanced Technology Sutie (ATS) within the Beckman Laser Institute Clinic provides 650 square feet of dedicated translation research space. The ATS has been remodeled to provide 3 separate private rooms joined by flexible partitions in order to accommodate up to 3 simultaneous studies, or allow use of a single open space. Approximately 200 square feet of the ATS is dedicated to clinical instrument fabrication. In addition to the portable state-of-the-art LAMMP technologies that are wheeled into the ATS, the suite has also been equipped with optical tables, lasers for PDT, an ultrasound, and various therapeutic lasers. Importantly, we have negotiated with the medical center that the use of the ATS does not incur room or facility fees charged to grants or patients. The ATS is fully EH&S, DHS, and JCAHO compliant. All research projects involving the ATS must be in compliance with the UCI Office of Research Administration, Human Research projections, and the Internal Reviewing Board before proceeding. For more information on how to conduct research in the ATS, please contact the ATS Research Coordinator Montana Compton.

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