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Optical Tweezers/Scissors System
The Spatially Modulated Microbeams (SMM) microscope is a widely used LAMMP resource. It is built into a commercial Olympus microscope modified to contain laser tweezers and laser scissors, plus detectors and data acquisition hardware for microrheology and single-molecule biophysical measurements SMM comprises:
  • An Olympus IX81 inverted microscope
  • Objective lenses: 60x TIRF oil immersion, 40x water immersion and three long working distance air
  • Olympus Zero Drift attachment for autofocus
  • Olympus Spinning Disk Unit confocal attachment
  • Multiple fluorescence filter cubes for fluorescent proteins, and FRET reporters
  • A BNS spatial light modulator for holographic optical trapping
  • IPG 10 W NIR laser
  • Newport 50 mW 408nm and 50 mW 785 nm laser diodes
  • PI XY nanopositioning stage (<1 nm repeats)
  • Temperature and CO2 control
  • Three position sensitive diodes for microrheology
  • New Wave Polaris Q-switched 532nm nsec pulsed laser

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