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Virtual Photonics Hardware

48-node compute cluster

Our compute server is housed and maintained free of charge by UC Irvine.s Office of Information Technology (OIT) as part of the Broadcom Distributed Unified Cluster (BDUC), free of charge. This server contains 48 AMD compute nodes, with 256 GB of RAM, and 6 hot swap 3GB each SATA drives in RAID 6 mode, providing 12 TB of redundant, on board, data storage. This compute server enables simultaneous long running Monte Carlo simulations, for example, and simulations that require large amounts of memory. Further, the use of the Sun Grid Engine (SGE) of the BDUC system enables the staging of simulation jobs to maximize compute resources and efficiency.

8-quad core compute cluster

We house a large computer tower locally in our labs. This system contains 8 quad core Intel Xeon X5550 processors with 24 GB of RAM, and 2 Fermi NVidia GPUs. This system has duel boot capabilities for both Windows 7 and Linux Red Hat. Thus, this system allows for the development of algorithms across OS platforms and for GPU related tasks.

24TB storage server

Our storage server is housed in the UC Irvine Health Sciences server room. This storage utility contains 24 1TB SATA disk drives with an onboard Intel processor operating on a solid-state drive. This device allows for the storage of vast amounts of data produced from data intense Monte Carlo (MC) simulations, for example, and the onboard processor provides for simple processing of these databases. This storage utility enables the VPTC to save important simulation data for later

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