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Miniaturization of optical sensors for research, industrial, and biomedical applications.

Darius Modarress

Measurement Science Enterprise, Inc. (MSE) specializes in the use of MEMS (MOEMS) and diffractive optical elements (DOE) in the development of miniaturized and robust sensors, primarily in the fluid dynamics field. The increased improvement and availability of solid-state lasers, and MEMS fabrication technology, provide the opportunity to create unique optical sensors that are not practical with standard fabrication techniques. This results in increased unique measurement cabalities.

MSE is a woman-owned, small business based in Pasadena, California. MSE specializes in LDV (laser Doppler velocimeter) sensors. MSE LDV sensors are compact, lightweight, robust, and integrated systems that provide flow speed measurement in challenging environments requiring the ability to endure pressure, temperature, humidity, submersion, and vibration, in addition to basic laboratory use. These sensors are used in a wide variety of applications that range from classical fluid dynamics instruction to unmanned submersible vehicles, bio-monitoring, oil industry, combustion field, blood flow, and various other academic, research, and industrial fields that have specific measurement requirements.

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