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New contrasts for X-ray Imaging and Synergy with Optical Imaging

Ge Wang, PhD

Due to its penetrating power, fine resolution, unique contrast, high-speed, and cost-effectiveness, x-ray imaging is one of the earliest and most popular imaging modalities in biomedical applications. Current x-ray radiographs and CT images are black and white, since they reflect overall energy attenuation. Recent advances in x-ray detection and image reconstruction technologies have changed our perception and expectation of x-ray imaging capabilities, and generated an increasing interest in imaging biological soft tissues in terms of energy-sensitive material decomposition, x-ray induced fluorescence and luminescence, phase-contrast, and small angle scattering properties. These are especially relevant to small sample studies and interior tomography. Such novel x-ray imaging modes are potentially mendable for hybridization with optical molecular tomography. In this presentation, some recent work at our Biomedical Imaging Center will be reported, and several ideas will be shared including x-ray modulated opto-genetics (x-optogenetics).

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