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Title: Visualizing and mapping the brain at microscopic resolution with serial optical coherence scanner

Taner Akkin, PhD

Large-scale brain imaging and mapping at microscopic resolution is feasible with intrinsic optical contrasts. Serial optical coherence scanner, which combines a multi-contrast optical coherence tomography and a tissue slicer, distinguishes white matter and gray matter and visualizes nerve fiber tracts that are as small as a few tens of micrometers. Axonal birefringence highlights the location and myelination of nerve fibers, while the axis orientation contrast indicates the fiber alignment in the plane. A method to extract the inclination angle that completes the 3D orientation will be presented as well. The scanner could reveal biomarkers for disease onset and progression and support development of therapeutics. If time permits, I will present a summary of another study that is on optical imaging of neural action potentials

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