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Stretched Pulse Mode-locked Laser Source for

Reza Khazaeinezhad

We developed a novel high-speed and robust wavelength-swept laser source with long sweeping
range and linear k-sampling for optical frequency domain imaging applications. In our
configuration the wavelength tuning is achieved by using 8-m-long chirped fiber brag grating
(CFBG) as a pulse compressor and stretcher. An intra-cavity fixed Fabry Perot etalon enforces
the wavelength-stepped operation with 80 GHz separation between the wavelengths to ensure the
long range imaging depth. Our total cavity length is 50 m with sweeping rate of 8 MHz and 84
nm bandwidth at 1560 nm center wavelength. Coherence length was measured to be over 50 mm
with 0.02 nm instantaneous laser linewidth. The sweeping frequency was perfectly linear with
high level of stability and repeatability. The tuning range of the laser can be easily increased by
utilizing longer length of CFBG. This approach proposes the feasibility of CFBG to build a
compact and practical wavelength-stepped laser source with high stability and cost effectiveness.

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