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April 23, 2015Vivian Pera, PhD Candidate
Intrinsically-Regularized Data Processing Algorithms for Fluorescence Molecular Tomography
April 16, 2015Jeff Irelan, PhD
Advances and Applications in Label-free Cell-based Assays
February 18, 2015Shyam M. Srinivas, MD PhD
Novel uses of Molecular Imaging for both Diagnosis and Therapy in Cancer
December 18, 2014Raymond Samuel, MD, PhD
Transdisciplinary Collaborative Research to Eliminate Health Disparities in Male Populations
November 20, 2014Eric Kumi Barimah, PhD
Laser-induced flourescence spectroscopy for application in chemical and biological sensing and optical refrigeration
November 7, 2014Yama Akbari, MD, PhD
Unmet Clinical Needs in Neuro-Intensive Care and Post-Cardiac Arrest Coma Recovery
November 6, 2014Abbas Yaseen
Cerebral Energy Metabolism in the Rodent Cortex using Phosphorescence and Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy
October 16, 2014Adam Bauer, PhD
October 15, 2014Anita Mahadevan-Jansen, PhD
Intraoperative guidance with intrinsic near infrared imaging
October 2, 2014Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg, PhD
Hyperspectral imaging - a flexible and powerful tool for tissue characterization
August 28, 2014David Winters, PhD
High-speed volumetric fluorescence imaging by modulation-encode propagation phase
July 10, 2014Tadeusz Sarna, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Sub-lethal photodynamic stress as a model of chronic oxidative stress to RPE cells in vitro
October 10, 2013Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Ph.D.
Low-Cost, High-Performance Optical Technologies to Meet Global Health Needs
January 17, 2013Dr. Phil Chung
Photodynamic therapy on anaplastic thyroid carcinoma: in vitro & in vivo
January 16, 2013Yeh-Chan Ahn, PhD
Real-time monitoring of the mesothelial reaction in a lung after cryo-injury
September 27, 2012Nitin Bhatia, MD
Unmet Clinical Needs in Spine Surgery
April 19, 2012Shyni Varghese, PhD
Engineering Approaches to Regenerative Medicine: Marriage Between Stem Cell Biology and Materials Science
April 12, 2012Dr. Tuck Wah Ng
Developments in biochemical sensing and particle/cell manipulation
November 21, 2011Charles A. DiMarzio, PhD
Computational Modeling of Ultrasonic Modulation of Light in Disordered Media
November 17, 2011Alex Small, PhD
Imaging live cells with nanometer resolution: Theoretical, computational, and statistical limits
November 3, 2011Ulas Sunar, PhD
Towards Prediciting PDT response of head and neck lesions at the OR
November 1, 2011Josh Yehoshua Shachar, CEO and Chief Technology Officer and Eli Gang, MD, FACC, FACP, Chief Medical Officer
Robotic Electromagnetic Catheter Guidance Control and Imaging for Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias
October 25, 2011Adrien Ponticorvo, PhD
Novel Optical Techniques for Imaging the Brain and Retina
October 6, 2011Bradley Rice, PhD, Senior Vice President of Systems and R&D
Integrated Optical/CT Multi-Modality Imaging of Small Animal Models
September 13, 2011Einar P. Wilder-Smith MD, DTM&H, FAMS (Neurology)
Screening Tests for Neuropathy
July 21, 2011Frédéric Bevilacqua, PhD
Capturing and analyzing human gestures: toward novel computer-based music systems
July 15, 2011Robert Lieberman, PhD
Biomedical Detection Using Optical Phenomena
July 14, 2011Tadeusz Sarna, PhD
Photoprotective and antioxidant functions of melanin in the eye
June 7, 2011Arthur Chiou, PhD (Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology)
Optical Tweezers Based Microrheology
March 10, 2011Paul Campagnola, PhD
Non-Linear Optical Microscopy: focusing in on extracellular matrix in cancer and engineered issues
March 3, 2011Albert Stolow, PhD
CARS microscopy made simple
March 1, 2011Darren Roblyer, PhD
Multispectral Optical Imaging for the Detection and Delineation of Oral Neoplasia.
February 28, 2011Taosheng Huang, M.D., Ph.D.
Can Somatic Mutations of the Mitochondrial Genome cause Cancer?
February 24, 2011Brian Wilson, PhD
Photodynamic Sciences and Medicine: An Enlightening Convergence
January 28, 2011Min Yong Jeon, PhD
Widely tunable dual wavelength laser for continuous-wave
October 6, 2010Peter So, PhD
Nonlinear microscopy: from pathophysiology, clinical diagnosis, to biotechnology
September 16, 2010Dmitry Yudovsky
Two-Layer Optical Model of Skin for Early, Non-Invasive Detection of Wound Development on the Diabetic Foot
March 19, 2010Adrian Podoleanu, PhD
Combinations of low techniques and assistive modalities with applications in eye imaging, wave front sensing and microscopy
February 23, 2010Benjamin Ehrenberg, PhD
Photosensitization with tetrapyrroles within the confined medium of a biological membrane
January 14, 2010Dai Fukumura, MD, PhD
Tumor microvasculature and microenvironment: Novel insight using intravital microscopy.
December 7, 2009Brian W. Pogue, PhD
Spectral Scatter Imaging of Breast Cancer: Developing Systems for Radiology and Pathology
September 24, 2009Daniel Côté, PhD
Applications of coherent Raman and multiphoton excitation imaging in neuroscience
July 23, 2009Tadeusz J. Sarna, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.
Photogeneration of singlet oxygen and free radicals by new bacteriochlorin and fullerene photosenitizers for photodynamic therapy of cancer and other diseases
July 9, 2009Kaiqin Chu
Extending Depth of Field by Incoherently Partitioning or Combining Lenses
June 30, 2009Thorlabs
See What's New - Exhibit and Lunch
June 25, 2009Thuy L. Phung, MD, PhD
Combined Laser and Topical Rapamycin Treatment of Pathological Angiogenesis
May 14, 2009James Tunnell, Ph.D.
Biophotonics in cancer detection and treatment
April 14, 2009Samarendra Mohanty, Ph.D.
Neurophotonics: Controlling neurons at nano level in order to modulate of animal behavior
April 2, 2009Vadim Backman, Ph.D.
Detecting alterations in cell nanoarchitecture with optical imaging
March 31, 2009Denise Zezell, DDS, PhD
March 26, 2009Victor A. Convertino, Ph.D., FACSM, FAsMA
Triage Decision Support on The Battlefield: A Strategy for Advanced Monitoring of Combat Casualties
February 26, 2009Thomas Foster, PhD
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) in 2009--Working on a Vision
January 22, 2009Martin R. Austwick, Ph D
Optical Pharmacokinetics and Elastic Scattering Spectroscopy

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