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Extending Depth of Field by Incoherently Partitioning or Combining Lenses
Kaiqin Chu

In this talk we present an integrated system that includes optical system design, novel image processing to extend the depth of field of an imaging lens. First we show that the image formation of a lens system can be thought as a white-light, multi-channel interferometer. Then we propose two new methods to either partition lenses or combine lenses incoherently for extended depth of field. One is to code the aperture of the lens with different polarization status and the other is purposely to unbalance the optical paths across the aperture. In the talk we will focus on the later configuration and show that the depth of field of a conventional lens can be extended three times simply through insertion of a glass plate. We will also show that the depth of field of the incoherently combined concentric logarithmic aspheric lenses, again through insertion of glass plate, can be extended to be fourteen times of that of a diffraction-limited lens with same aperture size. The new design is good for both small and large apertures.

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