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Applications of coherent Raman and multiphoton excitation imaging in neuroscience
Daniel Côté, PhD

Among all current imaging modalities, optical microscopy is the only method capable of probing live tissue with cellular and subcellular resolution. The energy of optical photons also makes possible a broad range of contrast mechanisms from absorption and fluorescence to coherent nonlinear interactions. We report on our efforts to use a multimodal imaging approach in live tissue and live animal for characterizing diseases. One disease of particular interest is multiple sclerosis, a demyelinating disorder. Myelin is an electrically-insulating dielectric phospholipid bilayer that surrounds some axons and is essential for good and fast electrical transmission between neurons of both the central and peripheral nervous system. Demyelination of such axons in the course of diseases results in poor communication between neurons, which in turn leads to various neurological symptoms (e.g., loss of motor function). We use in vivo coherent Raman anti-Stokes scattering (CARS) as well as fluorescence microscopy for monitoring demyelinating pathologies and pain disorders. We will discuss the technical details, the implementation and the results of ongoing studies, in particular for multiple sclerosis and chronic pain.

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