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Spectral Scatter Imaging of Breast Cancer: Developing Systems for Radiology and Pathology
Brian W. Pogue, PhD

Recovering a scatter spectrum from tissue ideally could be used to differentiate different types of tumors and tumor heterogeneity based upon the tissue ultrastructure and composition. Scatter spectroscopy non-invasively through bulk tissue is possible, and will be discussed in the context of image-guided spectroscopy of breast tumors in vivo. However, this approach offers the largest challenge, because of partial volume averaging, and the ill-posedness of the spectrum recovery with diffuse light. In comparison, direct measurements from non-diffuse light have considerably higher fidelity and hold more promise for a useful information to aid the physician, albeit the application is somewhat different. But direct measurements of scattering spectral in situ is possible, and can be done with a new rapid scanning white light quasi-confocal interface. The methodology to identify the origin of scattering and classify tissues with automated analysis will be discussed.

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