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Combinations of low techniques and assistive modalities with applications in eye imaging, wave front sensing and microscopy
Adrian Podoleanu, PhD

Today, high resolution imaging technology has reached high levels of sophistication, building on the tremendous progress registered in the last 5 years. However, none of the current imaging methods available fulfill all the ideal requirements of the medical practitioner faced with the need for rapid and accurate diagnosis or of the biology practitioner faced with a precise sensing or analysis need. Such needs have led to exploration of combinations of imaging and assistive techniques by several research groups attempting to solve limits of the current imaging and analysis techniques. The presentation will review the research in the University of Kent on several combinations of imaging technologies, such as en-face optical coherence tomography (OCT) and confocal microscopy with assistive technologies, such as adaptive optics and tracking. Combination of time domain and spectral domain OCT methods, elimination of mirror terms in low coherence interferometry and combination of coherence gating with wavefront sensing will be presented. The quest for faster and more complete acquisition of information demands evaluation of several trade-offs in the performance of the technologies combined. Such different demands and trade-offs will be discussed, presenting the problems raised by the hardware combination. Research Interests: Professor Adrian Podoleanu’s research interests focus on methods and devices for optical coherence tomography (OCT). He contributed towards development of the en-face OCT imaging as a new technology to complement the more conventional longitudinal OCT imaging and has generated simultaneously, OCT and confocal images of the retina. He is co-author of 6 chapters in books on OCT, of over 120 peer reviewed journal papers, of more than 200 conference proceedings and of 21 patents (9awarded). He is one of the topical editors of the Applied Optics for the Biomedical Optics division.

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