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Nonlinear microscopy: from pathophysiology, clinical diagnosis, to biotechnology
Peter So, PhD

Nonlinear microscopy is an important tool for studying many tissue level physiological processes in areas such as neurobiology. Recently, the development of high throughput multi-foci systems further promises to improve our understanding of organ level pathophysiology on the molecular and cellular basis. We will briefly cover some recent studies in carcinogenesis, cardiopathology, and lingual diseases. An ongoing study in the origin of liver fibrosis will be presented. We will further demonstrate that basic pathophysiological studies provide the necessary foundation for developing novel diagnostic assays with immediate clinical impact. In addition to having assays with diagnostic power, clinical studies further require field-deployable instruments. We will describe our recent work in developing a thermally actuated 3D scanning multiphoton endoscope and our plan on developing an improved system based on the novel temporal focusing approach. Finally, developing novel optical techniques, such as temporal focusing, may also expand frontiers in biotechnology industries. We will cover some recent work in high throughput, scalable, 3D microfabrication based on temporal focusing with potential applications in microfluidics and tissue engineering.

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