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Screening Tests for Neuropathy
Einar P. Wilder-Smith MD, DTM&H, FAMS (Neurology)

The increasing prevalence of metabolic diseases is resulting in an epidemic of end organ complications of which neuropathy is one of the most common. Confirming a diagnosis of neuropathy requires sophisticated equipment and is often expensive. Establishing simple reliable screening tests of neuropathy is therefore an important priority for clinical practice. Stimulated skin wrinkling is a candidate screening test of neuropathy. In several studies, stimulated skin wrinkling correlated well with a gold standard of neuropathy, abnormal intraepidermal nerve fibre density and performed better than the sympathetic skin reflex (SSR). Currently, a large prospective trial is evaluating its use in the detection of diabetic neuropathy. During the talk, we will examine the underlying physiology of the test and then consider its potential use and development in clinical practice. About the Speaker: Dr Einar Wilder-Smith is currently Professor at the Spinal Injury Centre, University of Heidelberg, Germany. His research interests include peripheral nerve diagnostics and therapy . Wilder-Smith is on sabbatical from his tenured position as Full Professor Dept of Neurology at National University Singapore, where he is also Director of Clinical Neurophysiology at the National University Hospital. Dr Wilder-Smith is Chair of the Chapter of Neurologists, in the College of Physicians, Singapore, Chair of the Laboratory Research Committee in the Department of Medicine at National University Singapore and Vice-President of Singapore Neurophysiology Society. He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, and his work on skin wrinkling was recently featured in the Washington Post.

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