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Integrated Optical/CT Multi-Modality Imaging of Small Animal Models
Bradley Rice, PhD, Senior Vice President of Systems and R&D

In Vivo optical imaging of bioluminescent and fluorescent reporters/probes has become a standard tool for pre-clinical research labs. Optical imaging can achieve exquisite sensitivity and dynamic range, but quantification and localization of signals is challenging due to absorption and scattering in tissue. Furthermore, optical imaging does not provide anatomical information or context. In this presentation, we describe a new integrated imaging system that combines optical imaging with a novel turntable-based computed tomography (CT) method. We demonstrate improved quantification and localization of optical signals through use of 3D diffuse tomography reconstructions. CT imaging provides an excellent rendering of the animal surface topography which is required for accurate diffuse optical tomography reconstructions. The CT images also provide useful anatomical context for the optical reconstructions. The hardware implementation and algorithm design for this new system, along with preliminary animal imaging results, will be presented.

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