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LAMMP Seminar Video
Novel Optical Techniques for Imaging the Brain and Retina
Adrien Ponticorvo, PhD

This presentation will discuss the development and use of a novel optical imaging system capable of monitoring changes in blood flow, oxygenated hemoglobin, deoxygenated hemoglobin, and absolute pO2 in-vivo. The system combines and improves upon three seperate techniques that have been used in a variety of applications. Laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI) and multi-spectral reflectance imaging (MSRI) have been used to monitor relative blood flow and hemoglobin changes in different tissues. Phosphorescence quenching, while not typically used for imaging, is capable of noninvasive measurements of pO2. Combining these three techniques has led to the development of a low cost imaging system that could ultimately lead to a better understanding of brain physiology. Additionally, some of these techniques can be adapted to study the physiology of the retina non-invasively.

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