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Computational Modeling of Ultrasonic Modulation of Light in Disordered Media
Charles A. DiMarzio, PhD

Light in the visible and near infrared spectrum offers the potential for high contrast and high resolution in biomedical imaging. However, in most tissues strong scattering causes the resolution to degrade rapidly with depth, to the extent that the resolution is surpassed by that of ultrasound. Modulation of light by ultrasound can provide the best features of each modality, but because of the complexity of light propagation in highly scattering media, the interaction is still not completely understood. A rigorous finite-difference computational model is a valuable tool for examining the interaction at the smallest spatial scales, and thereby understanding the effects of the optical heterogeneity of the medium, coherence and illumination pattern of the light source, and propagation of the modulated light. This talk will present a model, some imaging techniques that make use of ultrasound modulation of light, and some results related to the performance of these techniques.

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