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Real-time monitoring of the mesothelial reaction in a lung after cryo-injury
Yeh-Chan Ahn, PhD

An acute mesothelial reaction of the lung leading to fibrosis has been reported in animals after chemical or heavy-metal exposure. Recently, concerns about asbestos-related pleural disease have been increasing. However, monitoring early time-sequential mesothelial reaction associated with acute injury has proven difficult. Therefore, the importance of pleural imaging has been emphasized. We monitored, in real-time, the mesothelial reaction in rabbit pleura after cryo-injury using optical coherence tomography, which was compared with pathological images. Due to the penetration limit of optical coherence tomography, we made a thoracic window to image parietal and visceral pleurae and lung parenchyma in vivo. Cryo-injury-induced acute lung injury was shown by coagulative necrosis in lung parenchyma and mesothelial reaction in both pleurae. Mesothelial cell proliferation at the pleurae was visualized by optical coherence tomography at 30 minutes and again at 2 days after cryo-injury. Focal thickening of parietal pleura was observed at the site of cryo-injury by optical coherence tomography 30 minutes after first injury, which was confirmed by focal mesothelial cell proliferation. Diffuse mesothelial cell proliferation in the parietal pleura around the cryo-injury was noted by optical coherence tomography only after 2 days. Pathologic examination revealed mesothelial cell proliferation with fibroblast growth at the site of cryo-injury. At the same time, the thickening of the visceral pleura on the necrotic portion imaged by optical coherence tomography was confirmed by pathologic examination of mesothelial reaction in the monolayer of visceral mesothelial cells. These results indicate that acute mesothelial reaction occurs soon after cryo-injury to the lung. Optical coherence tomography can show the significant change of early mesothelial reaction both in parietal and visceral pleurae.of their applications.

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