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LAMMP Seminar Video
High-speed volumetric fluorescence imaging by modulation-encode propagation phase
David Winters, PhD

Hologaphic imaging is an attractive technology for biological imaging as it is able to rapidly acquire volumetric data. It is limited in application, however, as it requires spatial coherence making it incompatible with widely used contrast mechanisms like fluorescence. We demonstrate a method that allows the encoding of spatial propagation phase from a coherent illumination beam to an incoherent emission by applying a spatially varying temporal modulation. By using this modulation approach, we also allow collection on a single-element photodetector, allowing near immunity to scattering in collection. The modulation frequency of the collected light can be directly related to a specific point in space, allowing simple recovery of the amplitude and propagation phase of an emission distribution and enabling the use of standard coherent diffraction techniques, such as holographic reconstruction and diffraction tomography.

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