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Hyperspectral imaging - a flexible and powerful tool for tissue characterization
Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg, PhD

There is a steadily increasing use of hyperspectral imaging in optical diagnostics and tissue characterization. This techniques allows imaging of larger samples and -scenes, providing data with high spectral and spatial resolution. This combination of high spatial and spectral resolution makes hyperspectral imaging an attractive tool for optical diagnostics. Hyperspectral images are typically in the order of GBs, and processing and interpretation of the data is challenging. This talk will address how optical modeling can be combined with statistical analysis to extract and interpret information from such image data. In addition it will be shown examples of in vivo and ex vivo hyperspectral imaging in the UV, VIS and NIR spectral ranges. Hyperspectral diagnosis of arthritis of the finger joints will be used as an example. Fields of interest and current research activities Biomedical optics, including optical and thermal properties of tissue, light-tissue interactions, and diagnostic applications of medical technology such as optical imaging and spectroscopy. Characterization and age determination of skin bruises has been and is an important area of focus. Research interests include instrumentation, modelling and signal processing for spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging. Current projects cover development of instrumentation, algorithms, and real time diagnostic systems in collaboration with industry, hyperspectral diagnostics and characterization of biological samples. Existing and previous projects cover a wide range of inter disciplinary applications which involves medicine, physics and engineering. The most recent grants awarded are the IACOBUS (diagnostics of arthritis) and SEMEOTICONS (self monitoring of cardio-metabolic risk) projects. These projects are funded by EU's 7th frame program.

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