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Cerebral Energy Metabolism in the Rodent Cortex using Phosphorescence and Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy
Abbas Yaseen

Thorough characterization of cerebral energy metabolism is vitally important to comprehensively understand brain function. Impaired mitochondrial function and alterations in cerebral oxygenation and blood flow and are also symptomatic of several neuropathologies. Understanding brain metabolism at a microscopic level is therefore essential for developing effective diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for conditions including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, stroke, and to ameliorate the general physiological decline associated with the aging process. I will discuss development and application of optical technologies for in vivo, microscopic characterization of cerebral energy metabolism and blood flow. Optical measurements of phosphorescence lifetime from novel exogenous oxygen-sensing dyes, fluorescence lifetime of endogenous tissue constituents, and intrinsic tissue scattering enable minimally-invasive, high-resolution observations of cerebral oxygen partial pressure (pO2) and reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH), and absolute blood flow, respectively. Measurements of these parameters will be presented from the rodent cortex under normal physiological conditions and during metabolic perturbations. These observations will ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of cerebral energetics and its pathological alterations.

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