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Unmet Clinical Needs in Neuro-Intensive Care and Post-Cardiac Arrest Coma Recovery
Yama Akbari, MD, PhD

You are invited to a brainstorming workshop on “Unmet Clinical Needs in Neuro-Intensive Care and Post-Cardiac Arrest Coma Recovery” with an emphasis on technology based solutions. An introduction to the topic will be presented by Yama Akbari, MD. Brainstorming and discussion, moderated Bruce Tromberg, PhD, will follow. Food and beverages will be provided. Neuro-intensive care focuses on the treatment of neurological and neurosurgical patients suffering from acute brain injuries. In the Neuro-ICU, all organs are monitored and supported but a priority is placed on the brain, protecting it and helping to promote its recovery. Neuromonitoring remains an important part of these goals. Traumatic brain injury and cardiac arrest are 2 of the top 3 causes of coma. In the U.S., over half a million people suffer cardiac arrest annually with 80-90% of survivors facing comatose conditions. We have built a translational rodent-based laboratory that mimics many features of the Neuro-ICU to establish and promote preclinical studies. Our focus is to improve coma recovery after cardiac arrest using pharmacologic and electrophysiologic techniques with an emphasis on investigating the role of hypothalamic stimulatory neuropeptides. For example, we show that stimulation of the orexinergic pathway can improve coma recovery after cardiac arrest. Also, EEG signal processing demonstrates interesting characteristics in both rodents and humans during cardiac arrest, suggesting specific patterns of cortical activity that may have implications for “near-death experiences.” This lecture focuses on the unmet clinical needs during and after cardiac arrest and acute brain injury.

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