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LAMMP Seminar Video
Novel uses of Molecular Imaging for both Diagnosis and Therapy in Cancer
Shyam M. Srinivas, MD PhD

Current treatment of disseminated hepatocellular carcinoma is limited with few options. Currently Y-90 radioembolization with glass microspheres is an intra-arterial therapy that is administered to patients. The activity given is not based on a specific dose to tumor or normal liver, but instead is based on an average dose given to an entire lobe. Part 1 of the talk focuses on using the quantitative power of PET imaging to determine the radiation dose that is delivered to both tumors and liver after Y-90 radioembolization. This is a new tool which can shed light on the outcomes of patients, and potentially change the methodology of treatment. New radiotracers in oncology are being developed to characterize the biology of tumors. The hope is that this understanding can lead to a personalized tailoring of therapy specific for the patient’s tumor phenotype. Part 2 of the talk discusses new PET radiotracers which are being used in clinical trials. Dr. Srinivas participated as a local PI in a multicenter Phase II clinical trial for imaging hypoxia in tumors. He will show images demonstrating uptake of a novel hypoxia tracer in actual patients.

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